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Linked Up for Animals, Inc. (“LUFA”) is a California Benefit Corporation not an IRS Sec. 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation which is eligible for federal tax-exempt status. As such, while contributions made to a Sec. 501(c)(3) charity may qualify as tax deductible to the person making the contribution, contributions to LUFA are not. However, both benefit corporations and non-profit corporations can serve charitable ends.

As a benefit corporation, LUFA is committed by its corporate charter to higher levels of purpose, accountability and transparency in fulfilling its mission to create a website and social media platform linking animal welfare organizations across the country for the benefit of all animals. We promise that your generous gift made through will be used to support this mission.

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Jessica Appenzeller from San Diego , Ca, United States
$ 100.00 2 months ago
Anonymous from Cerritos , CA, United States
$ 10.00 3 months ago
Jane Sprague from Long Beach, CA, United States
$ 50.00 3 months ago
Anonymous from Long Beach, CA, United States
$ 50.00 4 months ago
Carolyn Manaugh from Venice, CA, United States
$ 30.00 4 months ago
Marcy Wells from Apple Valley, Ca, United States
$ 50.00 4 months ago