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LUFA isn't just an app; it's a place where your voice and actions become part of a collective roar for animal well- being. Imagine all the paw-sitive energy we can create together!
We can't wait to see the stories you'll share, the connections you'll make, and the incredible change we'll create as one big, animal-loving family.
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- Our Vision -

Linked Up for Animals envisions a world where all animals are loved, respected, and protected.

- Our Mission -

To turn the many individual voices and actions of animal lovers, advocates, and organizations into a powerful unified voice to make real change in the world of animal well-being.




– LUFA will be generous with our financial resources, time, and energy

Ethical Behavior

– Ethical thinking will guide each of LUFA’s decisions and actions

Hard Work

– The LUFA team will work passionately and positively everyday toward our mission


– LUFA will have patience with ourselves and those we serve as we work toward our goals

Wisdom and Compassion

– LUFA will put our best thinking and kindest hearts into our work to ensure the well-being of all animals


– LUFA will work toward the betterment of all animals with humor, laughter, and joy.

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