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Linked Up For Animals

- Our Mission -

To turn the many individual voices and actions of animal lovers, advocates, and organizations into a powerful unified voice to make real change in the world of animal well-being.

Our Core Values

Our Goals


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Animal Well-being



Build a National
Advocacy Organization
of Animal Lovers



Financial Support
for Animal Service


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Celebrating Organizations Helping Animals

Nonprofit of the Month

Zazzy Cats
Kitty Rescue

Rescue As Many Furry Friends As We Can
– Long Beach, California –

Shelter of the Month

Baltimore Animal Rescue
and Care Shelter

Every Life We Save Begins with You
– Baltimore, Maryland –

Sanctuary of the Month

The Cow Sanctuary

For the love of Cows
– Bridgeton, New Jersey –

Animal Sanctuaries Welcome Our Support

The TNR Coalition of Greater Los Angeles County

community cats
 Join our mailing list for updates as we gear up to help the community cats of Los Angeles.

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The TNR Coalition of Greater Los Angeles County

Linked Up For Animals Gives

Linked Up For Animals makes donations to nonprofits working hard to better the lives of animals.

2022 -- $500 to The Little Lion Foundation
[more info]

2021 -- $500 to Zazzy Cats
 [more info]

Should I Adopt or Foster?

Adopt or Foster An Animal, Save a Life

According to the Humane Society, nearly 2.7 million healthy, adoptable cats and dogs are euthanized in shelters in the U.S.A. simply because there is not enough space for the animals. When you decide to adopt or foster a pet, you’re doing one of the best things to help the homeless pet communities of our country.

The Humane Society of the United States shares:


Adopting -vs- Foster Parenting

The biggest difference between adoption and fostering is the time commitment. Adopting is a full-time commitment over the pet's remaining life span -- 15-20 years or more if you adopt a puppy or kitten. Fostering is a full-time commitment but lasts for a limited period of time.

ASPCA President & CEO Matt Bershadke shares:


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