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About LUFA

The Linked Up For Animals (LUFA) social media platform is the first and only social space dedicated exclusively to bringing animal lovers, activists, and organizations together with the goal of making a meaningful impact on the well-being of animals everywhere.

By joining us, our members are adding their individual voices to our collective voice, helping to build a united, organized group with the power and passion to make real change for animals. Together with our members, LUFA will:

  • Build a significant voting bloc in support of animal welfare legislation

  • Quickly spread important animal-related information across the country

  • Create an open line of communication between animal loving members and the organizations that need their support

  • Connect members with local animal welfare events and efforts

It’s an enormous undertaking, but we’re up for the challenge of creating this show of solidarity and leading this united front of animal lovers everywhere. We are here to serve and support animals and those who care for and about them, from the cat lovers to the shelter volunteers to those who work in animal welfare day in and day out – we’re honored to partner with you on this noble cause.

In united commitment,

Teri Gray,
Linked Up For Animals

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- Our Vision -

Linked Up for Animals envisions a world where all animals are loved, respected, and protected.

- Our Mission -

To turn the many individual voices and actions of animal lovers, advocates, and organizations into a powerful unified voice to make real change in the world of animal well-being.




– LUFA will be generous with our financial resources, time, and energy

Ethical Behavior

– Ethical thinking will guide each of LUFA’s decisions and actions

Hard Work

– The LUFA team will work passionately and positively everyday toward our mission


– LUFA will have patience with ourselves and those we serve as we work toward our goals

Wisdom and Compassion

– LUFA will put our best thinking and kindest hearts into our work to ensure the well-being of all animals


– LUFA will work toward the betterment of all animals with humor, laughter, and joy.

Our First Year Goals


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Let's Get Loud about
Animal Well-being



Build a National
Advocacy Organization
of Animal Lovers



Financial Support
for Animal Service


What Our Clients Are Saying

Hi, my name is Tippy. After I was rescued, I spent time at Marshall’s Piggy Paradise meeting friends like Kat who volunteered through Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. You may not know this, but it is hard for us to trust humans.

To start, life was really hard for me. I was so hungry, I was eating dirt. I had wasted away to just skin and bones when Reality's Chance Sanctuary rescued me. They gave me good food and lots of love, which got me feeling much better.

I was so cold that first day. Teri found us on the freezing cold cement. My three siblings had already passed away and mom was nowhere in sight. Teri wasn’t sure what to do, but my situation was so bad she just couldn’t leave me there.