Animal Defenders International
27 Feb 2024
Harmony House for Cats
20 Feb 2024
Animal Friends Humane Society
20 Feb 2024
Fur Babies Rescue
6 Dec 2023
Chicago Canine Rescue
6 Dec 2023
Kingdom Animal Shelter (KAS)
5 Dec 2023
Felines & Canines
5 Dec 2023
Chicago Animal Care and Control (CACC)
28 Nov 2023
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This is Cornelius, my little crab friend, that I met at dog beach on my evening walk.

This is Cornelius, my little crab friend, that I met at dog beach on my evening walk.

Jellyfish Doug's Purrfect Meowditation

It's all about speed-enlightenment, JD likes to keep it under a minute 😺🪼 image by @pixelmatedanimals music by @drennondavis #jellyfishdoug...

True Facts: Not-Dead Opossums and Their Weird...

Go to to get a 30-day free trial + 20% off their annual subscription.**Correction: only 1 species in US not in North...…

Amid roadkill epidemic, California builds world’s largest wildlife bridge

AGOURA HILLS, Calif. - The 10-lane freeway that slices through this part of Southern California is one of the busiest in the country, ushering more…

Holy Cow! If you love cows and how could you not. So many cow loving merch items. On Sale! Enjoy!

Heifer Herd - Heifer Please Co

Heifer Please Co is my business started after the 'heifer herd' gained traction on social media! My pet cows, and passion for agriculture built my……

2024 cicada map: Where to find Brood XIX, Brood XIII around the US

Periodical cicadas from both Brood XIX and Brood XIII are emerging in states around the Southeast and Midwest.

Web weaver making the most of the porch light

Web weaver making the most of the porch light
Teri How do they do it? 1 month ago

4 Plant-Based Foods to Eat Every Week (and Why Science Suggests They’re Good for You)

As a laureate professor in nutrition and dietetics, people often ask me what I eat. Here are four plant-based foods I have on my weekly……

The deep ocean photographer that captured a 'living fossil'

Scientists are racing to trace deep ocean species before they are lost, with the help of photographers who have a taste for danger.…

Self-Medicating Chimps, Pugilistic Shrimp, and Other Remarkable Animals

A short catalog of wondrous beings, excerpted from Emmanuelle Pouydebat's book “Atlas of Poetic Zoology.”

Teri Yes, I think all the animals are remarkable 1 month ago

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