Beople's Buddies Animal Rescue
5 Oct 2022
Heart of the Valley Animal Shelter
5 Oct 2022
Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter
5 Oct 2022
In-Sync Exotics
3 Oct 2022
Best Friends In New York
3 Oct 2022

I love happy endings. ❤️

Cat Abandoned When Owners Moved Jumps Into His...

Cat left on the street when his owners moved jumps into his rescuer's arms for a hug Keep up with Ares on Instagram:...

Catsarecute I love this story, the dodo videoed rescues are great. yesterday


25 Things You Might Not Know About the Birds in Your Backyard

Ever wonder why woodpeckers peck where they do? Or why you never see a hummingbird on the ground?


Audubon launches cutting-edge migratory bird resource - BirdWatching

The new Bird Migration Explorer combines bird distribution and migration maps with conservation data for 458 species of migratory birds.…

When The Pandemic Came, The Zoos Closed, And The Animals Began to Act Differently : ScienceAlert

We all had to make adjustments as the coronavirus pandemic unfolded – even zoo animals who were suddenly not seeing crowds of visitors pass by…

So if you are out and about in nature, keep your eyes and ears open because you may never know what is out there unless you look.
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How to make hummingbird food

Want to attract hummingbirds in your yard? Heres how to make hummingbird feeder food.…

What's the Difference Between Ravens and Crows?

Learn about the differences between ravens and crows, including their sizes, beaks, calls, and—if you're lucky to witness it—their smarts.


#HummingBirds #Birds
The Washington Post: Hummingbirds don't play nice with each other. Here's the reason...
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Hummingbirds don't play nice with each other. Here's the reason. - The Washington Post

The toughest birds for its size? Science says its the rufous hummingbird.


Here’s How Drastically Birding Has Changed Over the Past 50 Years | Audubon

On the 25th anniversary of his book "Kingbird Highway," Kenn Kaufman reflects on the many ways the hobby has transformed since he first hitchhiked across…

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